Hai Bari Food Label

Hai Bari is the first and only food label in Israel that guarantees consumers that their meat and dairy products come from farms who implement the highest animal welfare standards. Hai Bari provides Israeli consumers transparency on the origins of their food and allows traceability from farm to fork.

This is no less than a revolution in the way we grow, market and consume food in Israel where transparency really doesn’t exist. Do you have any idea where the steak or meatballs you had for lunch come from? Are they coming from cattle born and raised in Israel, or rather from cattle born in Australia that travelled more than a month in a boat under very challenging conditions compromising not only the cattle’s welfare but also posing serious health challenges? Or are they actually coming from frozen meat imported from South America?

We believe you have the right to know and that knowledge is power as it will allow you to make the right choices for you.

Hai Bari addresses a growing consumer base that understands the harmful implications of factory farming on its health, animal welfare and the environment and offers Israeli consumers the opportunity to purchase animal-based food products in a way that is consistent with their values.

Join the food revolution. Buy only Hai Bari products.

Hai Bari Standards

Hai Bari standards are developed with the support of local experts including researchers, veterinarians, growers, farm management consultants and feed experts. Standards are developed for each farm animal species and cover every aspect of the animals’ lives, from breeding to slaughter including feed and water provision, the environment they live in, how they are managed, health care and transport. The standards are designed to ensure that animals have everything they need for a good quality of life, and that the production is managed in a holistic way taking into consideration the implications of agriculture production on the environment and public health.